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92% of migrants say they are happier living in New Zealand


New Zealand is over 11,500-mile away from the UK, it’s certainly a long way to go to start a new life, but people who were brave enough to make the journey and now living in New Zealand are said to be Britain’s happiest expatriates.

Of the thousands who leave the UK each year in search of a better life, those who choose to be living in New Zealand have the most to rave about, a recent survey of Britons living in 12 countries has revealed.
It says Britons living in New Zealand rated the country highly in all areas. Most new migrants said they had a better quality of life and were less stressed than when they lived in the UK.
Living in New Zealand means you’ll enjoy lower taxes, cheaper property and a much better climate.

living in New Zealand

92% of migrants say they are happier living in New Zealand

Quality of life is often cited as the most important reason for moving to and living in New Zealand and the beauty of the country’s natural environment is a major factor.
Of all the expatriates surveyed, 86% believed their lives were better than before they emigrated and 92% said they were happier living in New Zealand.
In Britain for example, it looks like more people will leave the UK than ever before, government figures show that Britain is experiencing the greatest exodus of its own nationals in recent history while immigration to the UK is at record levels.
A feeling of dissatisfaction in Britain and a fear of the future were the main reasons for moving abroad. Almost everyone said emigrating to and living in New Zealand was the right decision.

living in New Zealand

New Zealand has a stunning environment

New Zealand is consistently voted one of the most popular destinations, in fact in a global survey by Gallup it was estimated that NZ’s adult population would balloon to more than 11 million if it were to take in all adults who wish to be living in New Zealand.
Perhaps this explains why the NZ Immigration Service is so strict.

Not only is living in New Zealand highly attractive, it is one of the most popular countries in the world, and it was ranked the world’s most peaceful country in the 2009 Global Peace Index, which lists 140 countries.
NZ is officially the least violent and dangerous nation in the world, so you and your family would be safer living in New Zealand than anywhere else.
This, in real terms, means that it is politically stable, has a low risk of terrorism, murder rates are low, the likelihood of violent demonstrations is low, there is great respect for human rights and as it is is not overly racist or a xenophobic nation, new migrants are made welcome, so for the majority of people, living in New Zealand is a blessing.

Living in New Zealand is a privilege, with the country often described as paradise, and in my view at least it is. The ads you see on TV do a great job of convincing you NZ is paradise on earth. Although New Zealand receives rave reviews, it like every country in the world has its share of problems.

The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a widespread problem, with binge drinking especially prevalent with the young. Drink driving is common, with the blood alcohol limit considerably higher than the UK. The standard of driving is shocking, with some bizarre rules, it is legal for kids of 16 (used to be 15) to drive high powered cars without insurance. As you’d expect young people are involved in more serious accidents than any other group in New Zealand. While New Zealand has a reputation for being a safe country it is all too easy to fall into the trap of not being vigilant. Doors are frequently left unlocked, valuables left unguarded. This is a mistake because while NZ is safe, crime is on the increase. Certain areas are best avoided, especially at night.

In recent years tourists have been attacked in remote areas, particularly Asians. These incidents have been reported worldwide damaging NZ’s reputation. The worst statistic that New Zealand has to be ashamed of, is the appallingly high rate of child abuse. Living in New Zealand you will read all too often of children being murdered by his/her parents. Some of the stories are horrific. Another surprising aspect of living in New Zealand is the high rate of stress and anxiety disorders in the general population. When you consider the level of serious crime, risk to health and the wonderful lifestyle, you have to ask the question why living in New Zealand is so difficult for so many. A recent report stated that NZ had the highest incidence of stress disorders 2nd only to the USA.

All in all New Zealand is a wonderful country, certain aspects of life here may take some getting used to, but if 92% of migrants said they were happier living in New Zealand, the chances are so would you be.

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