Are you looking for a better quality of life?

How to emigrate to New Zealand


Deciding to emigrate to New Zealand from the country of your birth, leaving family, friends and everything you know to start a new life in a new country, is a huge decision.

It must have taken a lot of soul searching before you finally decided, enough was enough, and that you and your family deserve something better.

Are you looking for a better quality of life?

So if you are looking for a fresh start, and choose to emigrate to New Zealand, then you are in good company.

New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations in the world for people looking for a better quality of life. If you’ve never been to New Zealand and based your decision on what you’ve seen on TV, or films like Lord of the Rings, then you won’t be disappointed by the beauty of the natural environment here. The people are friendly and welcoming to most immigrants, and the weather is mild in winter, warm in summer. The climate alone is enough to emigrate to New Zealand!

But knowing this is not enough, before you make the decision to emigrate to New Zealand, you need to know exactly what awaits you on the other side of the world and of course how to emigrate to New Zealand. This website will give you an unbiased view of what it’s like to be living in New Zealand. If you were looking for the official website, you can find a link on the side panel to the right.

The location for Lord of the Rings, NZ is a stunning country

Forget the idea that NZ is a sleepy country full of sheep

Just to be clear, we are not affiliated in anyway with the government immigration New Zealand department, so please don’t expect us to advise on official immigration New Zealand matters. What we can do is give you a warts and all overview and advise on how to emigrate to New Zealand. So with that said let’s talk about sheep.

For some reason people outside of NZ have the view that the country is just one big sheep farm.

Another misconception is that New Zealand is a little like the UK as it was in the fifties. Not so, while NZ is similar to the UK in many ways, it has many aspects that are uniquely Pacific. It is true that farming is a huge part of the NZ economy, but more so dairy than sheep. Apart from that there are few sheep in the North Island.

Auckland, Sky Tower

So don’t expect a sleepy, backward nation that some in the UK might have warned you about. If you do emigrate to New Zealand you’ll discover cities such as Auckland and Wellington are bustling, cosmopolitan places. The best thing about NZ is the fact there are so few people. Less than 4.5 million people in a country roughly the size of the UK which has a population of approx 66 million. When you consider that nearly 30% of people live in the Auckland region, that means the country is far from crowded. While Auckland and the other major cities do have traffic jams, congestion at the level seen in other countries is rare.

We all have different ideas of what represents a better quality of life. Perhaps you want a safer place to bring up a family, or maybe you want to emigrate to New Zealand so you can enjoy surfing, fishing, and beach life? Whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it in NZ, from snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes, clean, and the wonderful coastline with safe beaches. Visitors fall in love with NZ and many want to emigrate to New Zealand.

One of the things I noticed was the clarity and intensity of the sky in NZ. In the UK I was so used to enduring grey miserable days, sometimes for weeks on end. In NZ you might wake up to a dull grey day, but it is rare that this lasts more than a few hours. Emigrate to New Zealand if you suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

The housing, shopping, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, theatres are as good as many major cities in the world. So forget any idea that you would be escaping to a quiet, yet quaint backwater. New Zealand while lacking in ancient history by UK standards, is a modern, forward thinking creative country. It’s a wonderful mix of western and Pacific cultures. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of New Zealand is the unspoilt nature of the country, due in large part to the tiny population of just under 4.5 million. Compared to the UK an island much the same size as NZ with a population estimated to be well over 66 million. No wonder so many people are desperate to emigrate to New Zealand and organisations consistently vote New Zealand the most popular/peaceful/beautiful country in the world. For many to emigrate to New Zealand is just a dream, we can help you make it a reality.

Can you honestly say that about where you are living right now? If not then perhaps you need to emigrate to New Zealand

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